Foundational Coverage:
DP1 Homeowners

Lay the groundwork for your property's protection with our DP1 Homeowners Insurance. Ideal for a variety of
homes, this policy provides essential coverage against fundamental risks, ensuring your
home's safety from specific perils.

Comprehensive Home
Security: DP3 Homeowners

Elevate your home's protection with DP3 Homeowners Insurance from Quoteasy, offering you extensive coverage
against a wide range of perils. Our policy is designed to keep your sanctuary safe and give you
peace of mind in the comfort of your home.

Your Home, Your Haven:
Renters Insurance
for Peace of Mind

Even if you don't own the property, your home deserves protection. Quoteasy's Renters Insurance
provides coverage for your personal belongings and liability, ensuring that your rental
space is truly your sanctuary.

Rise Above the Waters Reliable Flood

Don't let floodwaters wash away your peace of mind. Quoteasy Flood Insurance offers a
buoyant layer of financial protection for your home, safeguarding your property
against the unexpected surges of nature.

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Your Home, Your Sanctuary, Protect Your Legacy and Your Children's Future

Quoteasy offers tailored homeowners insurance to secure your most valued haven and safeguard the future of your family

  • Super-fast quotes.

  • Local agents who know the area.

  • Great customer support.

  • Coverage for bodily injury.

  • Offer security and peace of mind.

Quoteasy Insurance aims to be your preferred choice for homeowners insurance in Florida. We provide competitive rates and discounts, ensuring you receive the utmost value and unparalleled service. Our specialists will navigate you through both fundamental and additional coverages, clearly explaining their costs. We're ready to answer your questions and help you tailor a policy that best suits your home's needs.

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Always Nearby, Wherever You Are

Quoteasy is your dedicated provider of specialized insurance solutions in Florida, offering targeted coverage with DP1, DP3, Renters, and Flood Insurance. We’re committed to fortifying the life you’ve built and the possessions you hold dear: an integral piece of your financial well-being. Serving the entire State of Florida, we tailor our policies to meet the distinctive needs of Floridians, ensuring you have the right protection for every aspect of your life.

Homeowner Insurance

DP1 Insurance

Fundamental, top-rated protection for your home and its contents.

DP3 Insurance

Enhanced, all-inclusive home coverage safeguarding your dwelling, personal property.

renter insurance

Renters Insurance

Streamlined coverage for your personal items and lease obligations.

Flood Insurance

With rising flood risks, our agents are on standby to assist you with coverage options.


Customized Insurance Solutions

With Individualized Service